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Kathryn MacRoberts
3160 Newcastle Rd., Newcastle, 95658

Sales: On-farm; grocery stores: Gaia’s Basket, Auburn Nutrition Center, Newcastle Produce; Restaurants: Winchester Country Club, Wise Villa Winery, Carpe Vino, Kru; Also available from the Sierra Foothill Producers COOP.
Hours: Please call for on-farm hours.
Products: Nestled in the hills by Folsom Lake Laughing Duck Farm’s focus is on sustainability, heritage/rare breed and dual purpose animals, nutrition, and education through classes and Permaculture consulting. Our family raises sheep, goats, rabbits, ducks, chickens, quail, geese, bees, fruit, vegetables, and herbs. A variety of gourmet eggs and combos are available from poultry that have access to irrigated pasture (quail have grass brought in), organic no-soy feed, sprouted grains and more. Hatching eggs, incubation services, chicks, adult birds, and other small livestock are available thru the year for the homesteaders. This year we will be offering goat milk soap and fodder for livestock and pets.


Rick and Becky Neilson
6900 Andressen Rd, Sheridan CA 95681
Rick 530-933-3851 Becky 530-933-1232

Sales: On-farm sales by appointment. Please call first.
Products: We raise free range chickens, ducks, geese & lambs. We have a valid egg handler’s egg permit. All eggs are cleaned and packaged in new cartons or flats. We sell chicken and duck eggs (duck eggs are seasonal) as well as ducklings, ducks, and lambs. Private tours are offered by appointment.

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